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Find lasting success in a supportive community

Experienced trainers and custom programs to help you stay consistent in your fitness journey

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Everyone is welcome

Our staff and members believe in creating a friendly environment for people at all fitness levels.

Feel supported

No matter your fitness goals, we are here to empower you along the way.

Have fun working out

Workouts may be tough, but they will always be fun.

Getting Started Is Easy


Starting where you are

LIFT promotes a friendly, safe, and empowering environment. No matter where your starting point is, we will be there to help you. The movement assessment is your first step - you do not need to plan for a sweaty workout. A simple 15-minute appointment will give us the information about how you move and what LIFT program will work best for you.


Choose Your Gym Membership

You have started the process, this was the hardest part. Now, we offer which LIFT programs meet your needs. Nothing complicated, LIFT wants you to feel like you fit right in.


The fun begins here

Setting yourself up for success. This is where you start to build your routine. You have scheduled yourself to show up to LIFT and start forming habits - the good kind.

Everything You Need To Crush Your Fitness Goals

Open Gym

Weekend Workout Classes

Personal Training

Purified Water Dispenser

Fitness Programs for all ages

Class Reservations

A community that will keep you going

This is why LIFT is such a wonderful community - every person is welcome.  We are all trying to get a little bit stronger, a little bit healthier.  It doesn't matter your age or ability; what matters is that you come and TRY.  Try to build those healthy habits, day by day.

LIFT staff prides itself on creativity and variation.  We want you to NEVER do that same workout twice.  We also want you to feel challenged because there is variety (equipment, movements, intervals, etc).  Workouts should be fun because they have a special twist, something that makes them unique and fun.

"You can do hard things."  Let's remember that our bodies are designed to be able to do work.  Coming to the gym is one VERY important part of becoming a healthier person.  Building bone density, improving health metrics (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc), improving mood/mental health,......the list is endless. Starting to build a routine with LIFT will only improve your healthspan.
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Conveniently located West of the 495

202 Sutton St Suite 420, North Andover, MA 01845, United States

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. LIFT Get Fit is located and easily accessible from all of North Andover.

Trusted and Loved By Hundreds of North Andover, MA Residents

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Life’s too short to not have optimal health. Get started today!